Fear of Governance

by Shauna Gordon-McKeon

Some people have an instintive negative reaction to the word "governance". Often this is because they associate governance with the vicious conflicts of "politics" or the red-tape of "bureaucracy".

It's important to validate the concerns these people have, rather than brush them aside. Governance can slow your project down or exacerbate conflicts (though it usually doesn't create conflict out of thin air). Our goal is to help identify what causes these "failure modes" and try to prevent them, and we can't do that by pretending they're not a problem.

At the same time, we need to make peace with the idea that any project that gets big enough will have conflict, as well as things that take longer than we'd like. That's just the price of working on a project that has an impact in the world. People care about it! And people are diverse, and have diverse needs which sometimes conflict.

The resources for this challenge are focused on addressing these common failure modes of governance head on.